Guidance & Governance | 一肖一码必中


Guidance and governance remain the responsibility of Miss Elizabeth 一肖一码必中鈥檚 Trustees and their successors in office as set out in our original Trust Deed of 1841. 一肖一码必中 is a legally constituted company which means we have obligations to operate in a financially sustainable way. As a non-profit organisation any surpluses are reinvested for the social good.

Our Governance Model

We have a very strong and active governance, with monthly Board meetings and trustees meeting quarterly. This is further enhanced by regular subcommittee meetings which allows for independent observation and scrutiny of operations.

Our directors are de facto trustees, with the obligations of stewardship of purpose and resources that this brings. Many of the trustees of the Miss Elizabeth 一肖一码必中 Trust sit as non-executive directors on the Board of 一肖一码必中 and the company secretary has administrative responsibility for the Board. All of our directors, executive and non-executive, fulfil their directorial responsibilities for no remuneration.

一肖一码必中鈥檚 quality improvement department and audit committee report to our Board, and a full external audit is conducted annually. Our internal quality controls are mapped and assessed against the EFQM Excellence Framework and our Business Continuity procedures are aligned to ISO22301: Societal Security Business Continuity Management Systems Requirement. We are committed to:

  • Protecting our people, systems and infrastructure
  • Identifying and mitigating the risks to 一肖一码必中鈥檚 services to an acceptable level
  • Managing any disruption to minimise its impact
  • Ensuring our customers receive our services as intended

These robust systems and procedures allow 一肖一码必中 to continue to provide high quality services while seeking out ways to develop provision in order to support more young people.

Our Board and Trustees

Trustees and Non-Executive Directors
David Nairn, Chair of Board
Duncan Sloan, Vice Chair
Paul Allen
Tom Armstrong
Dr Graham Connelly
Stuart McNeill
Mary Hackett
Brendan Harris
Alexander Patrick Brown
Margaret Ralston McCartney

Chief Executive Officer
Jim Gillespie

Chief Operating Officer
Sinclair Soutar

Executive Director
Neil McMillan

Marion Jackson, Chair of Trustees
Rev Gordon Armstrong
Provost Lorraine Cameron
Sheriff Principal Duncan Murray
Sheriff Thomas McCartney
Sheriff S Murphy
Jimmy Cochrane

Lesley Boyle

Details correct at the time of writing