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Resources for young people

If you鈥檙e a young person at 一肖一码必中, this section will give you more information on all the things you might want to know. If you ever have a question, or just want to talk to someone, please speak to any of us.

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How are we doing?

We want you to feel as happy and settled as possible while you are at 一肖一码必中. That鈥檚 why we encourage...

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Information for Families and Carers

In this section you will find information, advice and useful links. Being a parent or carer can be one of the hardest jobs there is. We鈥檙e here to support you if you need a helping hand sometime.

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Inspection Reports

Here you鈥檒l find the latest Care Inspectorate Reports, publications and useful downloads. You will also find information requests around freedom of information, data protection and more.

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Resources for Staff

The below resources are intended for 一肖一码必中 staff and will be updated regularly alongside our staff intranet.

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Research and Ethics

Research is at the heart of our practice at 一肖一码必中, ensuring we continue to deliver the best outcomes for the young people we support. Find the latest research and evidence from 一肖一码必中 staff.

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Learning & development

Find out more about the breadth of training and learning opportunities at 一肖一码必中. We invest in all staff to provide development opportunities and to ensure they have the skills and qualifications to best support the young people.

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Safe Crisis Management Training

Safe Crisis Management (SCM) training equips employees with the skills to safely and confidently manage challenging behaviour through non-physical intervention...

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