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一肖一码必中鈥檚 fostering services supports children and young people from the age of five onwards, alongside their foster families. We provide a wide range of supports for young people who have faced significant challenges in their lives and who are unable to live with their birth families. Together with foster carers, we provide the stability, love, care and support that young people need to thrive.

Our services are comprised of Intensive Fostering Services (IFS) and Adult Placement Services (APS), with Hubs located in West and Central Scotland. Young people can be supported by our intensive fostering services until such times as they are ready to move onto adult placement services. Whilst a young person would move between services, this doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean a physical move and typically they would remain with their existing foster family, with support adjusted in line with need.

Many young people at 一肖一码必中 have experienced trauma, neglect or have come from disrupted family backgrounds. To support them through this, we provide a wide range of supports from care, education and therapeutic support and interventions. This is also extended to foster carers and birth families through our systemic family service provided by our Specialist Intervention Services (SIS) team. All our services are aligned to individual need ensuring young people get the right support, at the right time, using the right therapeutic interventions.


Young people in our fostering services are expected to be in full-time education, employment or work programme. For young people of primary or secondary school age, they may attend a mainstream school in their community or go to one of 一肖一码必中鈥檚 primary or secondary schools 鈥 Forest View Primary and Goudie Academy. This is based on their educational needs and learning style.

Both Forest View and Goudie Academy provide an inspiring education that delivers broad general education and Curriculum for Excellence in a highly supportive environment to promote learner attainment. For young people aged over 14, 一肖一码必中鈥檚 Skills Academy provides tertiary education, qualifications, training and skills through a modern, innovative social enterprise model.

Support Every Step of the Way

Before coming to 一肖一码必中, many young people have experienced multiple care settings, having been unable to sustain previous placements. This is often due to trauma which can impact complex emotions and/or behaviours. To support them through this, and provide much needed stability, we provide an intensive level of care and support around young people and foster families to establish long term, trusting connections for everyone.

For young people, this relies on providing the right level of support at any given time, recognising that this can fluctuate depending on circumstance. Support is available to young people and foster carers 24/7, and a dedicated key worker provides support at every step. This support can be strengthened at any time where there is need, for example, when linking in with families or taking a young person to and from school. By recognising and adjusting support when needed, we hope to maintain stability for young people.

We have an excellent reputation in the care sector for providing the highest standard of care. This can not only be seen in the successful fostering outcomes of the young people but is also exemplified in the latest Care Inspection report.

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鈥淚 feel listened to, and IFS respect my beliefs and are always there to offer support and make me feel safe.”

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