SAFE: support for children and their families after crime - 一肖一码必中: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity


The SAFE service is a new, free service for young people and families affected by crime. This vital community-based service has been established thanks to the Scottish Government Victim Centred Approach Fund. The funding has allowed for the development of the SAFE service for a period of three years, with the hope for further funding in the future.

What we do 

The overall aim of the SAFE service is to support the emotional wellbeing of young people, aged between 5 and 25, who have been a victim or witness to a crime. The service will be available to access online or face to face depending on the needs and preferences of the young person and family. Face to face services can be offered in the family home, at the SAFE service or in the community. The service will deliver this by providing three types of support: 

Professional consultation (formulation)

This is the first step for all referrals to the service.
We will provide systemic and psychological advice and support for organisations and professionals (e.g. education, social work, police) who support young victims and witnesses and who require expertise in trauma and mental health. This will include drawing together shared understanding formulations and care/intervention plans. Where appropriate a further consultation will take place with the young person and their family, allowing for the development of a systemic formulation.  

Direct/Indirect support  

This will be delivered in the form of: therapy (psychological therapy or systemic family therapy), assessment (as per the needs of the young person and family), and/or further consultation. 

Advocacy (available throughout)

We will provide advocacy support to children who have experienced crime helping them through the Criminal Justice process, explaining the procedures, how they work and ensuring they understand their individual rights. We will support young victims to be able to make decisions based on what is right for them.  

Make a referral

If you are concerned about a young person and would like to make a referral email, or call us on 0141 471 1850.

The Referral and Consent Forms are available for download below if you want to refer directly.

Our Specialist Team 

Clinical Director and Forensic Psychologist
Our Clinical Director provides overall clinical direction and operational management of the service. 

Systemic Practitioner
Our senior systemic practitioner supports the overall operational management of the service and provides systemic family therapy, supported by another systemic family worker. 

Clinical Psychologists
Our two Clinical Psychologists will support consultations, assessment and psychological therapy for our young people and their families. They provide psychological expertise regarding formulation, assessment, and intervention.  

Our dedicated advocacy worker will work to ensure the young person鈥檚 voice is heard, and can provide support through any ongoing court processes.